Monday, March 30, 2009

dollar sale sundays

(h&m jacket, vintage dress, vintage dior belt, vintage boots)

i went to jetrag on sunday for their $1 parking lot sale. i got there late (again) and only found two things i liked. i got a sweet leather skirt, and a red patterned mu-mu dress i have to alter. then i proceeded into the store where all their regular priced items are and found these amazing boots. they remind me of these beautiful prada maryjanes. of course the pradas are much more notable, but im still pretty happy with my purchase. jetrag.. what can i say.. i always go for the $1 sale but you always get me with your regular priced items! darn! later on that day i went out and wore the boots with this vintage dress. my bf djed at american vintage on melrose last summer and they paid him in clothes. lol, what a sweet guy for getting me this dress. if theres one thing i love more than $1 clothes, its free clothes. :)

the weekenders

im so glad im on spring break right now. two weeks of not having to wake up early for class and not being swamped in projects. whoohoo! i finally got to see my lovely friends this weekend. it pretty much made my week.

these lovely ladies are two of my best friends, val & sarah. i finally decided to give the whole shredded tee thing a go. although you cant really see it in the photo, i think it turned out ok. its just a simple piece that goes with everything.

i also hung out with my friend roxie this weekend. sorry photos are so bad. the fog machines are to blame for that.

(im wearing my H&M jacket and zipper dress, emma cook boots)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

eye candy

first, i want to thank everyone for all your sweet and encouraging comments! i really appreciate it and i love hearing your opinions!

im in a bit of a rush to get to work.. so i leave you with some eye candy.. its one of my favorite male model editorials featuring ash stymest (my favorite) and josh beech. its the december 08 issue of dazed and confused. im sure youve all seen it, but if not, here you go. i love boys dripping in jewels. such a beautiful image.

Friday, March 27, 2009

ive always liked donna better than jackie

(hat, shirt, jeans, belt- all vintage. asos sunglasses, mac-morange lipstick)

im sort of getting in the spirit of spring and bringing out old clothes i havent worn in a while. i did a lot of spring cleaning and gave a lot of my clothes to the goodwill. makes you feel good to get rid of things you have not worn in over a year, and now i have more closet space. yay! i bought these wide leg pants on ebay last year and never wore them. i was always hesitant about it.. the wide leg pant is one of those things people either really love or really hate. throughout the years i have always had a love-hate relationship with them. i think im in the love phase right now. what are your opinions on it?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

more studs!

this is so awesome.. but i would imagine it being quite uncomfortable when you sit down.. idk.. im sort of tempted to do a little diy experiment with this in mind.. what can i say? im sort of addicted to studs..

photo from jak and jil

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


(diy UO studded vest, ralph lauren shirt, flea market bracelets)

i worked on this vest monday night. just a few simple rows of simple studs, but i think it adds a lot to it. ive been wearing the hell out of these bracelets. i got them at the rosebowl flea market last month and im pleasantly surprised that they havent fallen apart yet.

ps. i ordered this amazing fringe necklace on etsy yesterday. i cant wait till it comes in the mail! im sort of obsessed with large neck pieces like these.

these etsy stores have really cool ones:

check em out!

Monday, March 23, 2009

flea market finds

i woke up later than i expected on sunday so i only had time to go to the fairfax flea market, no time for the $1 sale at jetrag. but i did manage to find a few things i liked at fairfax.. i must have had blue on my mind from those marc jacobs flats that i have been obsessing with the past few days.. because there was a cute turquoise and navy striped blouse with ruffles i saw and i fell in love with it immediately. when i came home to try it on with different things i realized they went perfectly with a pair of betsey johnson shoes i already had. and as pretty as they are.. they hardly ever get any wear. so im pretty excited about this (although i still wish i had the mj flats).

i look so akward, just got home from taking 2 finals.. exhausted!

cheap monday skinny jeans, F21 black socks, betsey johnson wedges

i bought this gorgeous gunne sax dress. its so girly and feminine. i think im going to pair it with some combat boots.. gonna experiment with it soon.

i also found a cute elephant figurine. its made out of brass and painted gold.. so its a heavy piece. i now have a weapon to use in case someone breaks into my loft in the middle of the night.. lol

hes chilling with my jewelry tray..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


how perfect does karen o look in this video? im obsessed. a few years back at a yyy concert her and nick walked right past me and i just about freaked out. i was stunned at how tiny she was! shes so amazing. i would kill for a leather jacket with my initials studded like that. so hot!

in heres the article that featured the story behind her zero look:

So what's the story behind O's "Zero" look? In an email message, designer Christian Joy, the woman behind Karen's glorious attire, told us that the dress was made of clear plastic and PVC. "I wanted something a bit tougher and sexier. It also had to complement the jacket," Joy said. "I think that I've tried to create an overall different look for the new record and this look was a jumping off point."

And what of that sleek jacket, which features "KO" emblazoned across its back in studs? The designer said that it required around 3,500 of the metallic accoutrements. "I took a very long time to stud," Joy said. "We created it in my studio and each was put on one at a time."

Joy's Spring 2009 collection, which the designer said she wanted to be "clean and cool," features jumpers, zip-front dresses and, for a couple of pieces, a shrimp motif. "I brought back the shrimp because it's an image that I've played with for quite some time," Joy said. "Karen had a dress at one point around the Fever To Tell record that had a giant stuffed shrimp that hung around her neck."

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs return to the stage next month to play Coachella with The Cure and My Bloody Valentine. No word on whether we can expect any crustacean-inspired get ups.

check out christain joy's site.. beautiful collections.

window shopping pt II

kind of feeling dark today.. i think its the result of 4 days studying non stop for my sewing finals. seriously my teacher is insane and gives us way too many assignments. i compiled a few items on my want list.. window shopping is the only way to keep me sane in between study seshs.. i cant wait till tomorrow to do some real shopping! jet rag $1 parking lot sale + fairfax flea market, here i come!

ps i really really really want these marc jacobs shoes. someone tell me where i can find it. pretty please? its the perfect non high heeled shoe.. in my opinion.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


(asos sunglasses, vintage blazer, rosary necklace, h&m tank, lux floral skirt, vintage nine west wingtip flats)

quick outfit post and then its back to studying. this is what i wore yesterday for an errand run. i think yesterday was the first day of summer. it was so hot! that blazer did not stay on for more than ten minutes. i have my fashion sketching final tomorrow. wish me luck. i still have a problem with drawing my girls "too skinny" and their heads "too big." must make a mental note to not make them so bobble head looking tomorrow. blehh..

window shopping

(topshop cornelli jacket, alexander wang bra, emma cook boots, chloe boots, vivienne westwood armour ring, 3.1 phillip lim ruffled skirt, nasty gal annie sunglasses)

(erin wassonxrvca shirt, cara layered chain necklace, UO slouchy ribbed beanie, labour of love patent jazz shoes, tina selbo charm bracelet, vintage chanel backpack, siwy slim bleached jean, bracelets-unknown)

window shopping always gives me a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness.. its really more of a bitterness. it gives me the rush of shopping.. but then i realize i will never really have all those things in my closet in "real life." sigh..

(i really dont know whos collection those yellow and blue bracelets are from, but they look so adorable stacked up on her arm like arm candy. if anyone knows, let me know! thanks.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

channeling my inner lolita

(aa nude bodysuit, vintage lace blouse, vintage escada skirt, chloe boots)

i found this lace blouse at the rosebowl flea market the last time i went. its so pretty and feminine. my best vintage pieces are usually found at the rosebowl. its my monthly guilty pleasure. if youre ever in the area, the pasadena rosebowl flea market goes on the second sunday of every month. they have amazing antique furniture too. next month i plan on picking up a vintage chandelier. ive wanted one for so long, but still in search for the perfect one.
the skirt was purchased on ebay a few months back, it was originally four layers longer, i turned it into a mini. i think it goes quite nice with the blouse.. and of course.. the chloes.

this week i will be studying for finals.. lots and lots of studying to do.. and my dear friend dinh dinh will be in town from arizona and staying with me this week. some of you may know her from her lookbook. so forgive me if i dont post as often this week. but i will be sure to take lots of photos when she gets in town.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

lace skirt

(vintage sunglasses, h&m motorcycle jacket, aa leggings, vintage lace skirt, jeffrey campbell pumps)

im laying in bed, sick and recovering.. so sad. im supposed to be at the box eight fashion show tonight.. but i dont feel good at all. just doing a quick post before i take nyquil and knock out for the night. oh and can u believe my thrifting luck.. i found this beautiful l.a.m.b dress from her spring 06 line at buffalo exchange a few days ago.

i was going to wear that tonight.. but oh well. maybe another occasion. the back of the dress is gorgeous, you cant see it in the photo though.. its off to bed for me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a little diy never hurt nobody

or did it? so about two months ago i started a diy project on an old pair of red BDG denim jeans i never wear anymore. it was a really simple project that i thought would take no more than an hour.. but boy, was i wrong!
i started off with studding the belt loops with black pyramid studs, three on each loop. then i placed a few more studs on the upper part of the front pockets.. the easy part was done. i took a pair of scissors and started slashing the jeans, and then.. i slit my thumb open. it was a really bad cut and i was bleeding non stop. i get so queezy in the sight of blood. and especially if its my own blood, i almost always cry.. which i did, of course. it was pretty embarrassing because a friend was over and i was getting hysterical over what probably seemed to him a mere papercut. -sigh- so a month and a half later, i gathered up enough courage to pick up the scissors again, and finish my project. what should have taken an hour ended up taking a month and a half to finish.. lol but i am pretty happy with the results. :)
i hope that didnt discourage any of you, because to be honest, i really am just clumsy by nature..

(F21 sequin tank, DIY jeans, urban outfitters backpack/messengerbag, EBAY caged heels)


this weekend the box eight fashion show is going down (friday, saturday and sunday). there will be three days of fashion and fun. and of course the after parties! its gonna be great! if you're in the LA area this weekend stop by and catch a show. for more info go to (the show schedule is on the site also, so thats pretty helpful.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dries van noten + phillip lim FALL 09

i absolutely love dries van noten's fall 09 look. its a very comfortable, relaxed, but very chic look. i love his play on colors, brights plus nudes plus metallics. it certainly isnt the usual style that i lust after, but it certainly makes me want to experiment with a much more feminine look. that mohair sweater paired with the long skirt is genius. i love the silhouette of the slouchy sweaters worn with the long pencil skirts. i also love that nude color dress, although i probably would have paired it with some killer heels. after viewing this collection, silk slouch pj pants are next on my wish list. they look totally hot with that jacket and ruffled sweater.

this collection is one of my favorites so far. its so wearable and styled so well. i love the hair, the gloves, the tights, and the shoes... my god, the shoes.. i usually dont fancy louboutins, but the ones in this collection are to die for! im really feeling the peach colored ones.. maaaajor shoe crush..

close ups of these bad boys

arent they beautiful??

daisy, daisy

the last 2 photos are from her latest in ID magazine (march issue). can she be any more perfect? i think not.