Wednesday, March 4, 2009

debut night

last friday our school had their annual fashion show, debut 2009. i must say, it was pretty amazing. everything from start to finish was such an elaborate performance. my favorite collections were all done by males. for some reason they really understood the woman's body and they took great fashion risks in their outfits. it really inspires me to up my game. i really want to show a collection at debut in the near future. im going to make it happen..

photos from debut. sorry the quality is so poor. i was not sitting very close to the front, sadly.

(vintage blazer, F21 lace shirt, aa tube bra, vintage pleated skirt, fendi handbag, shoes for lovely people)

Valerie (vintage faux fur, vintage dress pinned up, lamb clutch, michael kors pumps)

nick from project runway

project runway winner leanne marshall's collection

so pretty..

the details on this jacket is divine.

i want this jacket in my wardrobe.

and this straightjacket sweater..

so rick owens.. i love it.

masculine feminine

modern audrey hepburn

this would be my dream wedding dress..


  1. What kind of school do you go to? Those collections seem really fun, from what I can see. I loved both of your outfits, I think you could have worn your skirt as a dress though, it seems long enough! And I loved your friend's dress

  2. wooooah great blog! :))

    love your sense of style. and knowledge about fashion.

  3. I can't believe you went to the show, I'm dying with jealousy.

    That last wedding dress is gorgeous.