Wednesday, February 17, 2010

friends, furry creatures, and ect.

last week consisted of going to the short stop with friends and getting pretty drunk, furniture shopping with mia at the rosebowl. i ended up only getting a fur chair, vintage playboy magazines from the 60's and 70's, and a few items of clothing. on valentines day mia and valerie were my dates. we went to watch valentines day. how extremely clever right? haha jk. it was a great movie, but kind of a downer when you are single. needless to say, we were the only ones in the theater that were not a couple. anyway, lots of things to get to this week. still need to post a closet clean out and i have a giveaway coming up too. i'll try to get that all in by next week.


  1. So cute, Yuka! I love the little fuzzy critter that's around your neck in the last photos. Your pictures out always make me miss LA like CRAZY. Ugh. And I just love your kitty.

  2. ditto the comment above - your photos are so LA i love them!

    i bet you had a more valentiney day than me - i spent it with my parents haha.

  3. i wanted to go to the rosebowl flea market, but didn't make it... again. next month, for sure.

    sounds like you found some cool stuff


  4. Awesome polaroids -- week well-captured :) And shush, girl.. It's OK to be single from time to time - and having your girls around you is always a plus! :) Glad to know you enjoyed your V day!

    Also, a lil something for you and your awesome readers:
    DISTRIKMODE is giving away a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings to our highest Haiti Fund donor. Come make a fabulous difference!


  5. oh no I was there too (rose bowl) didnt see you though. Spent my whole time there in the clothes section. It was the most perfect day ever to go to the rose bowl

  6. oh man, ive never been to the rosebowl flea market, but i always hear its amazing...
    i sooo want that gold tufted chair!

    sometimes the best vdays are spent with bffs... hope all is well chica!

  7. Yukababy, you always have the BEST polaroids. You make my life seem so boring. Maybe because I live in Nebraska. Can I come visit? Coachella, eh eh eh? :)

    Oh & pstttttttttt: wanted to let you & your readers know that you can win $1000 to Bloomingdales by entering the LVCMag Avenue Debut Grand Giveaway Contest! Submit an outfit photo for your chance to win & be published on the site - go to LVCMAG.COM for the full details! I definitely think you'd have a chance - we've had a lot of polished, fancy schmancy entries and I'd like to see some more rugged, interesting looks go on the site.


  8. Sounds like an amazing time. I know how you feel about the movie. It's so awkward.

  9. I Love the stripes on you!
    I'm impressed by how many people they have in that movie even though I don't think I'll ever see it.

  10. the first picture is PERFECT, you are so pretty!

    omg so jealous, rosebowl....someday for me, someday.

    p.s. i linked you b/c you ROCK!

  11. excellent photos! the kitty is so cute.

  12. just been catching up on your blog and wanted to tell you that you rock. :)

  13. you look amazing and surely have such a great time!

    Can't wait for your upcoming giveaway too:)

  14. love the Polaroid
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