Friday, January 29, 2010


source: vanilla scented

im sure those of you who are familiar with maria's blog have seen this, or will see this. i just had to reblog it because thats how much im in love with it. she made the most amazing seafoam green dress i have ever seen. and she looks rediculously gorgeous in it. check out her blog for more photos.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

inspiration: quirky feminine

i think the key to this look is to make everything very feminine with ruffles and sheer fabric and lots of layers but to add just one element of menswear. such as brogues, trousers under skirts, or a leather briefbag. you can have so much fun experimenting with this look and thrift stores are the perfect place to put it all together (works perfectly cause im on a shopping budget next month. lol).

well, its off to homework land for me.. expect another closet clean out coming soon!

long skirts and stuffed animals

source: dropsnap

im totally digging these looks. i love the skirt on the first girl paried with the flat shoe. and the second girl in head to toe red is so hot. her outfit has sort of that comme des garcons vibe im digging. i love the charm she wears on her head paired with the hat. its such a breath of fresh air from the loads of black, leather, and studs we've all grown accustomed to lately.

Monday, January 25, 2010

bear bottoms

(funktional shoulder cut out shirt, black socks, ann demeulemeester slip ons, thrifted stuffed bear scarf, F21 2 finger cross rings)

sorry for the slowdown of posts, im in the beginning process of changing a lot of things at my house so ive been really busy with that. plus school is already kicking my ass, even though its only the third week. but anyhow, a few posts ago i mentioned finding a stuffed teddy bear scarf at a thrift store, and here it is. its the most adorable scarf i own, hands down. also, i got these 2 finger cross rings at F21. i have been wearing them pretty much everyday and my fingers havent turned green yet. that, plus the fact that it was less than $5 makes it a new favorite of mine as far as jewelry is concerned. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

counting sheep

(vintage abercrombie wide brim hat, vintage shag cardi, sheer dress, aa oapque tights, blk socks, jeffrey campbell studded creepers, random rings)

here are a few photos from the shoot i did with christian for his photography exhibit. because it was supposed to display my personal style, i did the makeup and wardrobe myself. i know ive worn this cardigan quite a few times already, but its really one of my favorite pieces. it was a goodwill find, and hopefully i'll find similar ones in the near future. in the meantime, this one will do for the winter weather we are surprisingly having right now..

ps. who else is excited (but confused) about the lineup at coachella this year?? i mean, jay-z? really?

Monday, January 18, 2010

thanks MLK!

i know this is a very photo heavy post, but ive been saving these from the four day weekend we are having. four day weekends are the best. its raining in LA now, finally.. and it couldnt have come at a better time. im going through some emotionally heavy times in my personal life right now and it feels like the rain is washing everything away and when its over, i get a fresh new start. thankfully, i have the best friends in the world who always seem to cheer me up in a heartbeat. love you guys.